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Caroline Roach for WARD 5 Mississauga Catholic Trustee

Caroline Roach is a resident of Mississauga and a working mother of two wonderful children who attend Catholic Elementary Schools in Peel. Caroline graduated from Apostolic Carmel High School and believes in the need to preserve and encourage the Catholic Education that she received and cherished as a child for future generations. Caroline is a practicing Catholic and has been a parishioner of St. Francis Xavier Church for the past 15 years.

Caroline holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and is a Certified Human Resources Leader. Caroline has global experience working at HSBC Bank, Fidelity Investments and RBC Insurance with a track record of tenacity and perseverance for getting things done. Caroline’s mother was an educator and teacher for more than 40 years. Teaching was her mother’s vocation and Caroline well appreciates the commitments, sacrifices and impact our teachers make on our children. Caroline believes in increasing the collaboration and communication between teachers, school boards and parents to better serve our children and positively impact our community. 

"I believe that Education is an investment in our future. It is the best, mobile asset we can provide to our children. Peel and Ward 5 in Mississauga has been impacted by reduced funding to our education systems, cuts to the Ontario school repair fund and school closures. I will collaborate with parents, the community and the Church to introduce innovative ideas, new perspectives and greater accountability and transparency "

"I have volunteered at numerous school events at St. Gregory Elementary School, St. Rose of Lima Elementary School and St. Gertrude Elementary School. I have also volunteered and supported multiple community events, not-for-profits and charitable organizations such as  MS Walk, JDRF, Habitat for Humanity and CAMH."

--- Caroline Roach


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Our Children Are Our Priority - The Time is NOW

As your Ward 5 Separate School Board Trustee, I seek to:

  • Get more transparency and accountability to the electorate
  • collaborate efforts with parents and teachers to continue to provide an environment conducive to learning and excellence for all children
  • find efficiencies in our existing Catholic School systems and advocate for better conditions in schools that need repair and re-purposing
  • maintain the current and implement advanced programs for our children so that they are competitive in the global marketplace in the 21st century upon graduation
  • engage and involve our Youth in making decisions that positively impact their future
  • continue to advocate for safe and strong school communities


I am committed to YOU and the future of our Children to help: 

  • Alleviate the impact of reduced funding and optimize provincially allocated funds to best serve our children
  • Advocate for increased funding for special education, technology, arts, music and textbooks
  • Advocate for greater enrollment in our separate catholic elementary schools by helping new families integrate into the school system and by eliminating the barriers to entry
  • Advocate for programs such as fiscal responsibility to provide children with a sense of financial independence and personal safety to counter recent increased safety and security problems at schools in Peel

On October 22, 2018 - Vote CAROLINE ROACH

Ward 5 - Separate School Board Trustee (Catholic)

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